Musikinstrumente Ingolstadt



In our showrooms in Theresienstrasse, Ingolstadt, you will find not only a large selection of upright and grand pianos, but also many other musical instruments, accessories and spare parts.

  • Piano stools and piano lamps

  • Keyboards and keyboard stands

  • Guitars, electric guitars and basses

  • Amplifiers and microphones

  • String instruments, especially violins and cellos

  • Wind and brass instruments, for example, recorders, flutes, panpipes and trumpets

  • Drums and percussion, including percussion instruments for elementary music

  • Accordions

  • Sheet music

  • Accessories - strings, cases, instrument stands, music stands, metronomes, tuners, etc.

  • Replacement and spare parts


If we do not have your desired product in stock, we will do our best to order it for you as quickly as possible.