Self-Playing and Silent Systems

Self-Playing Systems

Imagine the best concert pianists in the world, playing live in your own living room. With the installation of a Self-Playing System from PianoDisc in your upright or grand piano, this dream can become reality.

Thanks to the advanced technology of these systems, the quality of the tone reproduction is unprecedented. This can easily be controlled, for example, by a tablet.

With more than 4000 sampled pieces of music, you have a huge selection across every musical genre. With the optional installation of loudspeakers, you don't only have to play solo piano works, but have the possibility to be accompanied by a symphony orchestra, jazz ensemble or rock band.

Another optional extra is the record function. You can record your performances and your piano will replay them exactly. The possibilities are almost endless.

Silent Systems

Do you want to practice on your piano, at any volume and at any time of day or night without disturbing others? Then you're at the right address! Using the Silent System, PianoDisc QuietTime, your piano will be muted and the music you play will be played back through headphones. You can now play as loud as you want, at any time, without bothering anyone.

Due to his many years of employment at the company PianoDisc, Bernhard Riemer, owner of Musikhaus Piano Riemer, is one of the leading experts for Silent and Self-Playing Systems in Germany and Europe. Due to his immense experience, gathered by installing these systems into instruments of any price category, any size and any age, we can safely say that we can install this technology into circa 99% of all upright and grand pianos.

If you want to experience the full potential of you instrument, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.