Piano Removals, Storage and Recycling


Would you like or do you need to move your upright or grand piano? We have the necessary experience and resources to move your instrument professionally, whether this is within your home, to a new address in the region, throughout Germany or to an international destination. We can help you.
We can find a solution even for the most difficult removals, for example, with the use of a mobile crane.
Please ask us and we will assess the situation on site and make you a personal quotation.


Are you moving house and don’t have enough room for your piano in your new home, but don't want to part from your precious instrument? Or do you have to work abroad for a limited time and would like to put your piano into storage while you are away? Then you have come to the right place. We can store your instrument under constant climatic conditions. Upon request, we can clean you instrument professionally at the end of the storage duration and if needed, it can regulated and tuned.


A piano has a very long life (with the proper care, it can even last for several generations). However its life is still limited. Should your instrument no longer be worth repairing and you decide to part with it, we can assist you will this big step. We will take care that your instrument is disposed of in a proper and professional manner.