Piano and Harpsichord Services

We offer you a complete service for your upright or grand piano. Whether tuning, intonation, action adjustment, piano case repairs or general overhauls our highly qualified technicians offer you expert advice, support and of course workmanship of the highest standard. 

In addition to these "standard tasks" we also offer services in the following areas:

Climate Control

Does your upright or grand piano suffer as a result of a strongly fluctuating indoor climate or a climate that is too dry? We have a number of solutions for this problem:

  • With a piano Live Saver System from Dampp Chaser you have an automatic humidity control device inside your instrument, which optimally protects it from harmful climatic fluctuations.
  • For instruments situated in rooms that are generally too dry, we can provide information about so-called air washers or humidifiers.

Assessments and Valuations

To find out more about your piano, about its condition, the cost of a possible repair or its selling value, we are happy to assess your instrument and determine its value and / or the cost of any repairs.

Piano Hire

You can hire upright and grand pianos from us for almost every occasion, whether for a concert, wedding, birthday party etc. We will arrange delivery and collection and a tuning on site. Talk to us and we will give you a quotation.

Harpsichord Service

In addition, we can offer you an expert service and maintenance for your harpsichord. We will tune your instrument to the pitch of your choice or to the desired historical tuning.