Digital Pianos

DigitalpianosEven if the natural sound and action of an acoustic piano is unsurpassed, modern digital pianos also have their own, distinctive advantages. Here is a brief overview:

  • They save space
  • They are lighter to carry and move
  • They can be played silently using headphones
  • They are not sensitive to climatic conditions
  • They require no piano tuning
  • They are equipped with a variety of sounds and functions
  • They are cheaper.



The beginning of a new era !!!

Acoustic excellence meets digital high class.

When designing the CELVIANO Grand Hybrid Pianos, the sound quality and authentic key-touch were the focus point. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid is a product of many years of sound research and innovative technology.

The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid reproduces the delicate nuances of the world's most famous grand pianos; from those originating in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna.

The complete newly developed hammer action, which corresponds to the hammer action of an acoustic grand piano, and the newly developed keyboard, with full-size wooden keys, achieve a feeling for piano playing and for the keys, that is otherwise known only from a full concert grand piano.